HB Construct (D4)

HB Construct is a unique waterproof (D4), nonfoaming, very strong, isocyanatefree construction adhesive.
- Isocyanate free construction adhesive
- No black fingers
- Water resistant D4
- Non foaming
- For in and outdoor use
- Self-leveling and flows to fill connections
- End strength up to 110 kg/cm²
- Clamping not necessary
- Can be finished immediately after application
- High heat resistance
- Suitable for the bonding of non-carrying bondings between different sorts of wood.
- Specific for bondings with a wooden seam which will remain visible.
- Suitable for all fitting outside connections who are exposed to weather effects: doors, windows, other constructions who are in a need of a D4 water resistance classification.
Directions for use
Application method: Apply with a caulking gun in equal beads or dots. Close within 6 minutes, press well and fixate while curing until hand
tight (ca. 60 min) Wipe away excess product with a cloth. Cured product can only be removed mechanically.
Cleaning: HB Construct can be removed from tools and material with Soudal Surface Cleaner, White Spirit or Swipex, before curing. Cured HB Construct can only be removed mechanically.
Repair: With the same material