Polystyrene Adhesive 28A

Polystyrene Adhesive 28A is ready to use for bonding polystyrene to porous surfaces.
- Ready to use paste
- High bond strength
- Solvent free
- Non flammable
- Gap-filling properties when bonding to uneven surfaces
Suitable to bond polystyrene ornaments, covings and other decorative materials to many substrates such as wood, stone, brick, plaster, chipboard etc.
Directions for use
Method: The substrates should be dry, clean and free of dust. At least one of the substrates should be porous. Apply the adhesive in dabs or by means of an adhesive spatula (f.i. 5mm) onto one substrate and bond together within 10 min. Press firmly to spread the adhesive. Support may be required when vertical fixing or for heavy components. The final bond strength will be achieved after 24-48 hours.
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Clean: Uncured Polystyrene adhesive 28A may be removed from tools and materials with water. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
Repair: Polystyrene Adhesive 28A