Fix All Turbo

Fix ALL Turbo is a high quality single component adhesive-sealant based on SMX-Polymer with very fast build-up of strength.
- Quickly manipulable and very fast build-up of strength
- Very high end-strength
- Good adhesion to most common substrates, even on slightly wet substrates
- Permanent elastic after cure
- Paintable with water based paints after curing
- Good colour stability, weather and UV resistance
- Bonding in the building and metal industry.
- Elastic bonding of panels, profiles and other pieces on most common substrates (wood, MDF,chipboard, etc).
- Elastic bonding in many different construction and building applications
Directions for use
- Method: Apply the adhesive by means of a caulking gun onto one surface in beads or dabs (every 15 cm. for panels). Always apply adhesive to the
edges and corners of panels. Press the surfaces together immediately and tamp down with a rubber hammer. Support may be required. The bond is
manipulable after 20 min and can be loaded after 3 hours.
- Application temperature: +5°C until +35°C
- Cleaning: Fix ALL Cleaner immediately after application and before curing
- Tooling: with soapy solution before skin formation
- Repair with: Fix ALL Turbo