Gap Filler Expanding Foam Genius Gun

Soudal Genius Gun
Gap Filler Expanding Foam Genius Gun is a 1-component, polyurethane expanding foam.

The GENIUS GUNĀ® is a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun.

Extreme comfortAccurate dosageRe-usable
Soudal Genius GunSoudal Genius GunSoudal Genius Gun
Perfect use with one handPerfect control of extrudability of the foamPossible to re-use up to 6 weeks after first use

- Ideal for quick and easy filling of gaps, joints, holes, pipe penetrations
- Perfect for improving thermal and acoustic insulation and eliminating
drafts or thermal bridges. Does not affect most building materials including electric cables.
- Can be cut, sanded, painted, plastered or covered with sealant when cured.
- Cover in order to protect from UV light for longer life.
- Internal and external use.
Directions for use
- Shake can vigorously for 30 seconds. Repeat regularly for maximum yield.
- Spraying water on the surfaces will improve adhesion and speed up curing.
- Flip open cap and wear gloves provided inside cap.
- Unclip nozzle. Use upside down. Point nozzle and press trigger. Amount of trigger pressure defines speed at which foam extrudes.
- Fill gaps for about 50% as foam will continue to expand.
- Work upwards, building up layers. Spraying in between with water will improve curing speed.
- When finished, detach bung from cap and insert at the end of the nozzle.
- Clip cap back in place to lock trigger.
- In case of spillage, remove immediately with PU foam cleaner or acetone. Do not use water. If the foam has cured, it can be removed by cutting or sanding or by applying PU foam remover.