Soudafoam SMX

Soudafoam SMX is an isocyanate free fixing foam. Soudafoam SMX is a moisture-curing system and performs best on moderately wetted porous
surfaces (a.o. wood, concrete, stone). On non-porous surfaces, the best performance is achieved when the surface is approximately dry and when
the joint/cavity is not deep (max. 7.5 cm). In the case of a deeper joint/cavity, it is better to fill the gap in two sessions, with a drying/curing time in between.
- Good adhesion on most substrates
- High thermal and accoustical insulation
- Very good filling capacities
- Excellent stability (no shrink or postexpansion)
- Filling of cavities
- Sealing of all openings in roof constructions
- Creation of a soundproof screen
- Improving thermal isolation
- Mounting and sealing of window- and doorframes
- Installation of window- and doorframes
- Connection of insulation materials and roof constructions
Directions for use
Type: all substrates except PE, PP
State of Surface: clean, free of dust and grease
Preparation: Moistening of the porous surfaces improves adhesion, curing and density of the cellular structure. For non-porous surfaces,
moistening is not recommended.
- Do not touch the surface during the curing time at frost temperatures
- Always moisten porous surfaces in order to improve curing, cellular
structure and adhesion
- Do not moisture non porous surfaces in order to improve dimensional
stability and adhesion