Soudaband Acryl

Soudaband Acryl is an impregnated and pre-compressed foam seal.
For (driving) rain-tight joints and connections in low and high rise buildings.
- Easy to apply
- Acoustic and thermal insulator
- Wind- and waterproof (depending on the compression)
- No priming and finishing required
- Non-staining at joint edges
- Neutral, does not smell
- Expands to fill the gap and adapts to uneven substrates
- UV proof
- Filling of joints in constructions, prefabricated elements,
brickwork, concrete,
- Sealing between frames and walls, etc.
- Ideally suited for rain- and windproof sealing in concrete- and steal
constructions, timber constructions, brickwork, prefab constructions,
roof constructions
- Can be used both in interior (Soudaband Acryl) and exterior
(Soudaband Acryl BG-2 and BG-1) applications.
Directions for use
Soudaband Acryl is easy to apply. No special tools are required, the use of a spatula, knife or scissors and if necessary wooden wedges is enough.
Choose a corresponding Soudaband dimension after deciding the joint-width (see table). The joint edges should be parallel and free of dirt and/or rests of cement.

Take at least 1 cm extra when unwinding Soudaband. Start at the bottom in case of vertical joints (see fig. 1 and 2). Fix Soudaband with the
self-adhering side to one joint edge by means of a filling-knife.
Functionality of Soudaband is dependent on the compression;
- Compressed up to 25%; (driving) rain-tight, high sound insulation
- Compressed up to 35%; rain-tight, good sound insulation
- Compressed up to 50%; tight, good sound insulation
- Compressed up to 75%; water-repellent, dust and draught tight