Silirub P2

Silirub P2 is a high-quality neutral, elastic, universally overpaintable one-component joint sealant in accordance with ISO 11600 G 20 HM
- Very easy application
- Dry toolable
- Permanent colour, UV-resistant
- Stays elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Odourless
- Can be overpainted with solvent- and waterbased paints
- Sealing of joints which must be overpainted
- All glazing jobs
Directions for use
Type: all usual surfaces, except PE, PP and PTFE
State of Surface: clean, dry, free of dust and grease
Preparation: porous surfaces in water loaded applications should be primered with Primer 150.
No primer required for non porous surfaces.
We recommend a preliminary compatibility test.
- Because of de diversity of paints available we recommend to do
compatibility tests before application
- Please note that the sealant is elastic, most paints are not.
Therefore the painted surface may crack in joints with large movement.

Health- and Safety Recommendation:
- Apply the usual industrial hygiene. Consult the label for more
- Remarks:
- Not suitable for application on natural stone