Self Leveling Compound VE50

Self Leveling Compound VE50 is a cement based leveling compound with high polymer content and excellent self leveling properties.
- Low tension build up
- Excellent final grip
- Very low emission (EC-1 according to GEV)
- From 1 – 15 mm layer thickness
- Excellent self leveling properties
- Extremely fast setting
For preparing ready-to-install substrates up to 15mm layer thickness. For the immediate installation of floor coverings. Suitable for install-in-one-day applications.
Directions for use
Method: Use clean water to mix Self Leveling Compound VE50 smoothly with an electric mixer at approx. 600 RPM. Allow mixture to slake for
approx. 5 minutes and stir again. Apply leveling compound with a leveling trowel or rake. If necessary, a second layer application can follow wet on wet immediately after the substrate is ready
for traffic. Otherwise re-prime with Soudal WBPR-11P.
Avoid direct sun exposure and draught during the curing process.
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C Clean: Self Leveling Compound VE50 may be removed from tools with water immediately after
application. Repair: with same material.