T-Rex Bond

T-Rex Bond is a ready to use, solvented construction adhesive based on synthetic rubber.
- Universal use
- Suitable for bonding on uneven surfaces.
- Makes the use of screws and nails redundant.
- Water resistant
- Suitable for bonding polystyrene
- All bonding in assembly techniques.
- Bonding in the renovation industry.
- Bonding in construction industry.
- Bonding of cable trays and panels.
Directions for use
Application method:
Apply the adhesive in equal beads or dots on one of the materials that need to be glued. Always apply adhesive to the edges and corners. Press both parts together, immediately pull loose and let dry for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards bond again and batten with a rubber hammer. Support if necessary.
Cleaning: white spirit acetone
Repair: With the same material