Soudabond Easy Genius Gun

Soudabond Easy Genius Gun is a fast curing hand held PU Adhesive with a specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise dosage and removing the need for an additional gun. It is easy to use, can be
operated with one hand and is re-usable up to 4 weeks after the first activation. In addition to its strong bonding performance the adhesive will foam up to allow filling and insulation of gaps, cracks, joints and
- Saves up to 30% time compared with powder based adhesives
- Ready to use – no mixing required
- Light weight ➞ 1 canister replaces 25kg bag of powder based adhesive
- Genius Gun system  no gun required ➞ more economical and easy to apply
- Genius Gun trigger ➞ more control, less waste, comfortable to use with one hand
- Re-usable ➞ more economic in use
- Installation and bonding of insulation materials
- Installation and bonding of drywall panels
- Bonding of timber suboors to timber or metal joints
- Building of non-load bearing walls made from AAC blocks and other straight building blocks. Caution: the use of Soudabond Easy for bonding hollow bricks is prohibited by patent restrictions.
- General bonding applications where a construction adhesives would normally be used
- Due to its foaming performance also suitable for flling and insulating gaps, cracks, joints and cavities