MS-20 Plus Parquet Adhesive

MS-20PLUS is a solvent, and water-free universal parquet adhesive.
Suitable for bonding engineered board and solid wood onto suitable indoor substrates.
- Elastic
- EC-1R PLUS label: very low emission
- Ready to use, single component
- Solvent free
- Contains no water
- Free of isocyanates
- Easy to apply
- Forms stable peaks once applied by a notched trowel or spreader comb
- Rapid cure and build up of final bond strength
- High final bond strength (according to EN14293)
- Suitable for underfloor heating
- Avoids staining of the hands
MS-20PLUS is a solvent, and water-free universal parquet adhesive based upon polymers. Suitable for indoor bonding of engineered boards ready to
use parquet and solid wood.
Suitable for use on porous and non-porous substrates such as mosaic, anhydrite, concrete, screeds, wood, chipboard and OSB Board (large
particle size chipboard) , including floors with underfloor heating and cooling.
Directions for use
MS-20PLUS should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Apply the adhesive to the surface by means of notched SOUDAL trowel N°11. For parquet sizes smaller than 60mm wide and 300mm long notched SOUDAL trowel N°3 is recommended. Do not apply more to the surface than can be covered with parquet within 30 minutes. Slide the parquet onto the adhesive layer and tap into place or tamp down with a rubber hammer.

A minimum of 80% contact coverage is required to ensure a perfect adhesion. Loading the parquet with weights will improve the final bond strength.
Wait at least 24 h before sanding and finishing the parquet.

Uncured MS-20PLUS may be removed from tools and parquet with SOUDAL Adhesive cleaner or SWIPEX. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.