140 LQ liquid contact adhesive

Soudal 140 LQ is a toluene free, solvented, ready to use universal liquid contact adhesive based upon rubber and synthetic resins.
Ready to use
Good temperature resistance
High adhesive strenght
Application with brush or notched trowel
Available in 750 ml, 2,5 L and 5 L
Bonding of the most common materials such as rubber, leather, artificial leather, cork and plastics to several substrates or to itself. Bonding of synthetic panels and worktops to wood, metal, board etc. Not appropriate for PS, PP and PE.
Directions for use
Method: apply the adhesive by means of a brush or notched trowel on both of the to be bonded materials. Wait approx. 10 minutes, press the surfaces firmly together immediately and batten down with a rubber hammer.
Application temperature: +5°C to +25°C
We recommend a preliminary compatibility test.