Finishing solution

“Soudal Finishing Solution” is used for the
smoothening of all types of joints.
- Very easy to apply
- Removes rests of grease and other traces of dirt
Smoothening of joints created with most common types of sealants (silicone, MS Polymer, PU).
Directions for use
Application Method
− Spray the product as a fine mist onto the joint which has been filled
with a sealant
− Moisten a spatula or a finger with the product
− Smoothen the joint with the spatula or with the finger
Application Temperature: +5°C until +35°C
Soudal Finishing Solution is slightly alcalic and contains tensio-active anionogene and non ionogene substances.
The product is solventfree and therefore will not attack the substrates. We recommend preliminary compatibility tests.