Zinc Spray Matt

High-grade zinc spray with sprayable zinc compound (98% zinc).
- Good resistance against mechanical shocks, rubbing and erosion.
- Very economic, effective and reliable
- Also suitable for spot welding
- Good electrical conductor
- Contains 98% zinc
- To be used on rust
Zinc spray has a galvanized action. Protects zinc and unprocessed iron and steel against corrosion. Due to its cathode action, the spray is very economic and effective. To be used for coachwork,
gutter braces and weld joints, also suitable for spot
Directions for use
Apply on dry and grease-free surface, remove old loose paint and rust first. After shaking the mixing ball loose, shake hard for 30
sec and spray on approx. 20 cm distance from the surface. Apply the zinc spray always in 2 layers with an interval of min. 2 hours (repaintable after 24 hours with finishing coat). Shake the canister thoroughly before applying each layer.