PTFE Spray

High-grade lubricant based on PTFE for the treatment of metal and plastic parts.
- Lubricates
- Protects against wear
- Represses rust and corrosion
- Water-repellent
- Silicone free
- For inside and outside use
- Aerosol can be applied in 360°
To be used on parts that are exposed to long or high force and (-50°C to 250°C). High capacity of penetration. Repels water and dirt. PTFE offers long-term protection against friction and prevents wear. Very good mechanical and thermal stability. To be used for machines, pulleys, chains, derailleur gears, roller bearings, conveyer belts, …
Directions for use
Surfaces must be cleaned, degreased and dry.
Shake the can well before use.
Spray at a distance of appr. 20 – 25 cm of theobject.
To obtain the best result apply the spray while the moving parts are in motion if possible.