Surface Primer WB PR-11P

WBPR-11P Surface Primer is a solvent free primer for use on porous subfloors.
- Ready to use
- High coverage
- Solvent free
- Very easy to apply
- Fast drying
- Wide range of applications
- Binds dust
- Increases adhesion on non-porous subfloors
- Limits absorption by the subfloor
- For indoor use
- Dries transparent
WBPR-11P Surface Primer is a water-born primer for preliminary treatment of absorbing and non absorbing mineral subfloors such as cement bounded subfloors, concrete, calcium-sulphate bounded (anhydrite)- and levelled subfloors. WBPR-11P Surface Primer also binds dust and acts as an adhesion promoter for non-porous
WBPR-11P Surface Primer is also suitable for preliminary treatment of several moisture insensitive mineral subfloors and moisture sensitive
non-mineral subfloors such as chipboard, OSBboard and wooden subfloors used in conjunction with Soudal VE-50.
Directions for use
WBPR-11P Surface Primer should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Shake or stir well before use. Apply the primer, undiluted from a bucket, to the subfloor by means of a paint roller or a brush. Do not pour the primer onto the subfloor to prevent puddles. In case of very porous and highly absorbing subfloors a second layer of primer is recommended. Do not apply the second layer until the first layer has dried completely. Allow the primer to dry completely and a dry film to be formed. Not allowing for proper drying adversely affects the final result. Crater formation (in conjunction with Soudal
VE-50) and/or reduced adhesion might be the consequence.
Uncured WBPR-11P Surface Primer may be removed from used materials and tools with water.
- Never install to subfloors, which are not protected against possible
rising damp.
- Never use onto a subfloor, which contain too much moisture.
- WBPR-11P Surface Primer is not a sealer for rising damp from the
- Do not apply the primer at temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C.
- Minimum temperature of the subfloor should be at least 15°C.
- Do not apply the primer when the relative humidity is above 75%.
- Do not dilute the primer.