Soudaseal High Tack

Soudaseal HT is a high quality single component adhesive sealant with high adhesive strength and initial tack. It is based on MS-Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic. For use in construction,
automotive, marine and aerospace areas where a tough flexible rubber or adhesive with powerful bond strength is required.
- High initial tack reducing the need for initial support
- High bond strength and fast cure onto nearly all surfaces
- Primerless adhesion even on damp surfaces (due to Soudaseal HT’s
unique adhesion promoters)
- High performance mechanical properties
- Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to 20 %
- Straight forward application even in adverse conditions
- No bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity
- Very easy to tool and finish
- Good extrudability even at low temperatures
- Colour stable and UV resistant
- Ecological advantages – free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and
- Does not contain isocyanates and silicone
- Solvent free and completely neutral – minimal health and safety
- Can be painted with all water based paints and many other systems
- Resistance to many chemicals and withstands mould growth
- No staining of porous materials such as natural stone, blue stone,
marble, granite
- Sealing and bonding in the building industry
- Sealing of floor joints and low movement wall joints
- Suitable for sanitary applications
- Structural bonding in vibrating constructions
- Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication
- Paintable gap filler and sealant
- Mirror bonding direct onto the back of the mirror
Directions for use
Method: Manual- or pneumatic caulking gun
Application temperature: +1°C until +30°C
Cleaning: White Spirit or Surface Cleaner immediately after application and before curing
Tooling: soapy solution before skin formation
Repair with: Soudaseal HT
- Soudaseal HT may be overpainted with water based paints, however due
to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly
suggest a compatibility test before application. The drying time of
alkyd resin based paints may increase.
- Soudaseal HT can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to
the fact that specific substrates such as plastics, polycarbonate,
etc, may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, we recommend
preliminary compatibility tests.