Soudaseal 2K

Soudaseal 2K is a fast curing high quality two component Hybrid Polymer based adhesive/sealant For use in elastical bonding applications where fast curing is required or for those applications where the bond design does not allow the normal penetration of atmospheric moisture.
- Fast strength build-up
- Fast curing
- High performance mechanical properties
- Permanently elastic after curing
- Does not contain isocyanates, silicone, solvents
- Cures without the presence of atmospheric moisture
- For indoor and outdoor use
Soudaseal 2K is suitable for elastic bonding and sealing applications in industrial, automotive, marine as well as construction and building areas such as;
- Elastic bondig between metal surfaces, coated surfaces and many
plastics (not PE, PP, Teflon)
- Elastic high performance bonding, both interior and exterior
- Elastic bonding applications in car-, coach-, caravan- ,marine-,
train-, industries where fast curing and strength build-up is required
- Full surface bonding of non porous (sheet) material and large areas
which are not porous enough to let atmosperic moisture through
- Soudaseal 2K can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to
the fact that specific substrates such as plastics, polycarbonate,
etc, may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, a preliminary
adhesion test with these materials is imperative.
- This product can not be used as a glazing sealant