Soudafix VE400-SF

SOUDAFIX VE400-SF is a two-component anchoring resin for the pressure-free securing of threaded rods (ETA: M8-M30), studs, reinforcement
bars (ETA: Ø8-Ø32), threaded collars, profiles etc in various solid and hollow materials, such as cracked and uncracked concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, porous concrete, natural stone, plasterboard
walls, etc…
- Easy to use and to apply
- Fast cure
- Wide application area, even in wet drill holes, under water and at
temp. as low as –10°C
- Styrene free (low odour)
- Cartridge re-usable by simply exchanging static mixer
- Watertight and impermeable fixing
- High chemical resistance
- Fire Resistance class F120 (M8-M30)
- European Technical Approval Option 1 for application in cracked and
uncracked concrete
- Emission in indoor air class A+
Securing of heavy loads in solid and hollow building materials. Pressure free anchoring even close to edges. Can be used as repair mortar.
Directions for use
- Drill hole at recommended depth
- Clean drillhole with brush and air pump thouroughly
- Screw static mixer onto cartridge
- Dispense the first 10 cm of the product to waste (on piece of
cardboard) until an even colour (dark grey) is achieved, and the
product is well mixed
- Solid stone: fill the drill hole from bottom up.
- Hollow brick: insert sleeve and fill it bottom up, so that the resin
is pressed through the tiny holes of the sleeve
- Insert anchoring rod with twisting left-right motion
- Inspect the drill hole for adequate filling
- Observe hardening time. Don’t move the anchoring rod during curing
- Leave the excess of product to cure as well.
- Remove it mechanically with hammer and chisel once cured
- Install component, applying the right torque
280 ml cartridge for standard skeleton gun
380 ml for use with special two-component gun.
There is a risk of staining on porous substrates such as natural stone. On such substrates a preliminary compatibility test is recommended.