PU-20P 2K PU-Parquet Adhesive

PU-20P is a solvent-, and water-free universal 2-component polyurethane adhesive for bonding all types of wooden floor.
- Solvent free
- Water free
- Very easy to apply
- Forms stable peaks once applied by a notched trowel or spreader comb
- Rapid build up of bond strength
- Very high final bond strength
- Hard-elastic
- Good ‘gap filling’ characteristics
- Does not shrink
- Suitable for all kinds of wood, including moisture sensitive types
- Not affected by fungus or bacteria
PU-20P is suitable for indoor bonding of all types of wooden floors such as solid, stab, pre-finished, and on-end parquet, wood-plank and wood-block including laminates and exotic timbers.
Suitable for use on porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete, screeds, wood, chipboard and large particle size chipboard,
including floors with underfloor heating.
PU-20P is also extremely suitable for bonding moisture sensitive wood onto moderately porous surfaces.
Directions for use
PU-20P should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Pour Component B into the container of Component A and mix the
components for at least 2 minutes. Use a variable speed electric drill with a mixing paddle attachment.
Ensure thorough mixing to achieve a homogeneous mixture.
Always mix one package at the time (A-component + B-component). Never deviate from the prescribed mixing ratio between A- and
B-component. Every deviation of this mixture ratio will adverse the curing of the adhesive and the final mechanical properties.
PU-20P must be applied within 60 minutes after mixing.
Apply the adhesive by means of SOUDAL notched trowel N° 11 to the surface (for parquet dimensions smaller as 60 x 300mm use SOUDAL trowel N°3).
Do not apply more to the surface that can be covered with parquet within 60 minutes. Slide the parquet onto the adhesive layer and tap into place or tamp down with a rubber hammer.
A minimum of 80% contact coverage is required to ensure the parquet adhesion. Loading the parquet with weights will improve the final bond strength.
Wait at least 24 hours before sanding and finishing the parquet.
Uncured PU-20P may be removed from tools and parquet with SOUDAL Adhesive cleaner. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
- Never install to substrates, which are not protected against possible
rising damp.
- Never install onto a substrate which contains too much moisture or
onto substrates with a higher humidity value than recommended by
the wood supplier.
- Do not apply the adhesive at temperatures below 15° or above 25°C
- Minimum temperature of the substrate should be at least 15°C.
- Do not apply the adhesive when the relative humidity is above 75%.
- Never install wood which is too dry (<7% humidity). This can expand
at higher humidity and cause damage.
- Do not install if the walls and ceilings of the area are not dry
(e.g. after plastering or painting etc.)
- Apply the adhesive within 60 minutes after mixing both components. Do
not apply the adhesive if it has become too thick to trowel
easily onto the substrate.
- Do not dilute the adhesive.