PRO 10 D White adhesive

Pro10D Wood Adhesive is a ready to use, fast drying, PVA-based wood adhesive.
- Easy application
- Semi-transparent when dry
- High bond strength
- Bonding of all common wood connections
- Bonding of paper products
Directions for use
Method: apply the adhesive by means of a brush or notched trowel to one of the to be bonded substrates. Join the parts together and press for
2 - 4 hours.
Pressing times: HPL to fibreboard at 60°C - 80 g/m² adhesive; approx. 45 sec.- 100 g/m² adhesive; approx. 60 sec
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Clean: Uncured Pro10D Wood Adhesive may be removed from materials and tools with water. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
Repair: with Pro10D Wood Adhesive
- When bonding certain kinds of wood, such as oak or tropical hardwood,
discoloration may occur.
- Do not dilute the adhesive