Montagepro 140

Montage Pro 140 is a solvent-free construction adhesive with high bond strength and an extremely high initial grab (over 140 kg/m²).
- Solvent-free
- Gap-filling properties when bonding on uneven surfaces
- Extremely high initial grab; 140kg/m² (full surface bonding)
- Direct application onto one substrate
- Moisture resistant
- Can be painted over
- Replaces screws and nails
- Extremely suitable for the bonding of heavy materials such as wood,
synthetic building materials, panels, metal, stones etc. to several
substrates such as wood, stones, plaster, chipboard etc.
Directions for use
Method: Apply the adhesive by means of a caulking gun onto one surface in beads or dabs (every 15 cm. for panels). Always apply adhesive to the
edges and corners of panels. Press the surfaces together immediately and tamp down with a rubber hammer. Support may be required. The bond can be loaded after 24-48 hours.
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Clean: with water if not cured, mechanically if cured
Repair: with same material
- When bonding, the pressure applied determines the initial grab and
the final bonding strength. The duration during which pressure is
applied is less important.
- Do not use in applications where continuous immersion is possible.