Degrip All

Degrip All is a high quality penetrating oil which dissolves rust and corrosion.
- Superior penetrating characteristics
- Dissolves rust and corrosion
- Protects against rust and corrosion
- Suitable for Interior and exterior applications
- Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)
- Highly efficient in releasing corroded and rusted metal parts such as
nuts, bolts and machine parts
- Due to the very low surface tension Degrip Oil penetrates into very
small openings to release stuck parts
- Can be used with machinery, nuts, bolts, flanges, etc.
Directions for use
- Remove dirt and loose rust mechanically by means of a metal brush.
- Shake can thoroughly before application. Spray onto surface and leave
to penetrate during ca 5-10 minutes. Repeat if necessary.
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