Deep Primer WBPR-21P

WBPR-21P Deep Sealer is a solvent free, surfacestrengthening
- Ready to use
- High coverage
- Solvent-free
- Very easy to apply
- Fast drying
- Strengthens sub-floor
- Limits absorption by the subfloor
- Binds dust
- For indoor use
- Dries transparent
WBPR-21P Deep Sealer is a water-born sealant for preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors such as cement bounded subfloors, concrete, calciumsulphate bounded (anhydrite)-and levelled subfloors. Only for indoor use.
WBPR-21P Deep Sealer is also suitable for preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors in conjunction with Soudal VE-50.
Directions for use
WBPR-21P Deep Sealer should be acclimatised to room temperature before applying. Shake or stir well before use.
Apply the deep sealer, undiluted from a bucket, to the subfloor by means of a paint roller or a brush. Do not pour the primer onto the subfloor to prevent puddles. In case of very porous and highly
absorbing subfloors a second layer of sealer is recommended. Do not apply the second layer until the first layer has dried completely. Allow the deep sealer to dry completely prior to further activities to
the subfloor. Not allowing for proper drying.
- Never install to subfloors, which are not protected against possible
rising damp.
- Never use onto a subfloor, which contain too much moisture.
- WBPR-21P Deep Sealer is not a sealer for rising damp from the
- Do not apply the primer at temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C.
- Minimum temperature of the subfloor should be at least 15°C.
- Do not apply the primer when the relative humidity is above 75%.
- Do not dilute the primer.