Contact Spray

Universal spray for the cleaning and maintenance
of electric contact areas.
- Dissolves corrosion and oxidation
- Improves transmission
- Prevents loss of tension
- Reduces humidity
- Non corrosive
- Suitable for interior and exterior applications
- Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)
- Suitable for electric contact points such as switches, stop contacts,
batteries, measuring tools, etc
- Cleans and deoxidizes surfaces and improves the power transmission at
electric contacts
- Prevents moisture penetration which could result in disturbances
- Also suitable for dehumidising of electric wirework and – tools.
- Ideal for electric installations, appliances, stop contacts and light
Directions for use
Shake can thoroughly before application. Ensure that all electric appliances are switched off before application. Wait 20 minutes before switching appliances on again.