Cleaner & Degreaser

Powerful quick-drying cleaner and degreaser for various maintenance and assembly jobs.
- Cleans and degreases
- Leaves no residue
- Quick-drying
- Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)
Suitable for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts. Also suitable for the preparation of surfaces for the application of sealants or adhesives. For the removal of uncured excess MS, PU or silicone
sealants, tar residue, grease, wax,… Can be used on most surfaces (metal, plastics, PVC,…) and leaves no residue.
Directions for use
Shake the can well before use and spray from a distance. Always rub the surface dry in the same direction with a dry cloth. In case of application on rubber parts and varnished or treated surfaces a
preliminary compatibility test is required