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The professional solution for all jour joining and sealing.
> Silicones, MS-polymers, acrylics
Professional adhesive for all types of materials on all kinds of surfaces.
> Timber and parquet adhesives, mounting and bonding
Soudal PU foams

PU foams for mounting, isolation and bonding in your professional building projects.

> Manual foam, gun foam, fire resisant foams


Soudal cleaners

Professional cleaners for all types of surfaces and removing spilled adhesives or PU foam.

> Cleaners

Cleaning, lubrication and protection with a professional aerosol.
> Removers, lubricants, industrial
Soudal primers

Professional preparation of the surface for a perfect adhesion of your glue or sealant.

> Primers
Soudal tools

Tools for the professional processing of PU foams.

> Foam guns



Soudal accessoires
Products for the preparation and finishing of all your professional mounting and sealing applications.
> Accessoires



































The finishing of interior joints.
> Sanitary joints, decoration, flooring
Effective cleaning of various surfaces and substances.
> Cleaners & removers
All necessary materials and tools for your joining jobs.
 > Primers, accessoires
Products for filling exterior joints.
> Facades & panels, window & door frames, glazing
The perfect isolation foam for a wide range of applications.
> PU foams
Accessoires for your foam applications.
> Foam guns, foam cleaners
The suitable adhesive for the mounting and bonding of various materials.
> Construction adhesives, parquet adhesives, PU foams,
   timber adhesives, chemical anchoring, flooring adhesives
All lubrication and protection products for all types of applications.
> Lubrication, protection    
Sealing where fire resistance is a major factor.
> Fire joints