SOUDAL acquires Swedish Proflex AB

Soudal ProflexSOUDAL confirms its strategic vision by expanding into the Scandinavion region. As of February 10th 2016, Soudal acquires full majority in Proflex Trading AB, its former importer. Proflex becomes the 54th Soudal branch worldwide.

Proflex has been Soudal’s exclusive importer in Sweden for many decades and has already established a solid reputation as a reliable partner for distributors in the professional construction market.

In addition to the distribution of Soudal products, Proflex is strong in construction products for the windows market, complementary to Soudal’s Window System.
Soudal ProflexIn order to be fully integrated in the worldwide structure of the Soudal group, the name Proflex will evolve into Soudal Proflex AB. The takeover of the Proflex business includes all employees and assets and its current manager Mr. Håkan Blommé, will become the countrymanager of Soudal in Sweden.

As main objective, Soudal will further develop the brands for which it is known, such as Fix ALL®, Silirub® and Genius Gun® foam.

According to Håkan Blommé:
“The direct involvement of Soudal in this market will open the road to a series of great innovative products that have already proven their merits in other parts of the world. We will steadily introduce these concepts, always taking into consideration the specific requirements of the Swedish market.”

Dirk Coorevits, Managing Director Soudal:
"Through the opening of the new affiliate, Soudal wishes to deepen its presence in the Scandinavian market. With the presence of affiliates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden the Scandinavian market offers a great growth potential for the future. We consider the acquisition of Proflex as the next logical step in our aim to become active worldwide.”

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