Vic Swerts has been nominated as "Manager of the Year"

Vic SwertsVic Swerts, founder, owner and chairman of Soudal has been nominated as "Manager of the Year 2014" by the Belgian magazine Trends. Over the last 5 decades, Soudal has developed into a global player with over 2,100 employees, a total turnover of €570 million, 44 branches worldwide and sales into 130 countries.

These impressive numbers combined with the drive and perseverance of Vic Swerts are the foundation of this nomination. Vic Swerts: "Our business is developing really well, and we are in the winning mood. There remain many opportunities in terms of export. Even in countries where we already have considerable business like France, Italy or Spain, there is still potential for growth." The success of Soudal and Vic Swerts is reflected by the recent list of acquisitions and a very large investment in a new chemical production facility at the site of the Soudal headquarters in Turnhout.

The Manager of the Year 2014 will be announced on January 7, 2015.