Ultra Insulation Foam: a brand new concept!

ULTRA Insulation Foam is a brand new concept in the DIY market : a flexible polyurethane foam.


Its flexibility is without doubt a unique - patent pending - characteristic. This highly innovative product is referred to as “New Generation” foam.   


Its flexibilitly allows the foam to follow   the movements of the joints due to temperature changes in winter and summer and day and night. Consequently, ULTRA insulation foam does not crack and remains very durable.  Thermal bridges are avoided resulting in an extra advantage when building or renovating low-energy houses.

In other words, ULTRA insulation foam ensures durable insulation, both thermal and acoustic! 




 Within the framework of the new energy regulations imposed by the EU, this elastic New Generation Foam  provides an extra asset when building  or renovating a house . 

ULTRA Insulation foam helps achieve the lowest level of energy loss.

Ultra Insulation foam ensures durable insulation, thereby reducing energy bill significantly! SAVE MONEY!