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  Lubricate & Protect  

Vaseline spray
PTFE spray
Multi spray
White grease
Silicone spray

  Industrial applications  
  Zinc spray
Alu-Zinc spray
Cutting oil
Degrip oil
Contact spray

Multi cleaner
Cleaner & Degreaser
Brake cleaner
Adhesive remover
Sealant remover


The category « lubricate and protect » contains several sprays. Some of them are truly and clairly lubrification sprays (like the White grease and the PTFE spray). Others like the Silicone spray and the Vaseline spray rather offer protection against exterior factors like dust, grease, oxidation, … The Multi spray is the only one that is very good in both: lubrification and protection.

The red label refers to the sprays of this category.

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