Soudaflex 14 LM

Soudaflex 14Lm is a high quality, elastic, one component sealant based on polyurethane.
- Very easy application
- Stays elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Low modulus
- All usual building joints with high movement
- Connection joints between window- and doorframes and walls
- Expansion joints between many different construction materials
- Joints with large movement
Directions for use
Method: caulking gun
Application temperature: +1°C to +30°C
Clean: with white spirit immediately after use
Repair: with Soudaflex 14LM
- When painted with oxidative drying paints disturbances in the drying
of the paint may occur.
- Because of de diversity of paints available we recommend to do
compatibility tests before application
- Please note that the sealant is elastic, most paints are not.
Therefore the painted surface may crack in joints with movement.
- Soudaflex 14LM must not be applied to frostbearing surfaces or if
temperature will be below freezing
- The suitability of this product, for each intended use, must be
determined by the purchaser prior to acceptance