DS-10P Dispersion Parq. Adhesive

DS-10P is a ready to use solvent-free adhesive, with a high solids content. Suitable for bonding most common types of parquet onto highly absorbant substrates and also tapis floors on wooden subfloors.
- Ready to use
- Low consumption/m²
- Solvent-free
- Very easy to apply
- Forms stable peaks once applied by a notched trowel or spreader comb
- Rapid build up of bond strength
- Rapid curing
- High final bond strength (according to DIN 281)
- Hard-elastic bond
DS-10P is suitable for indoor bonding of many types of wooden floors such as mosaic, wood or laminate parquet (up to max. 250 x 50 mm), tapis
6-8 mm (in combination with nails), multi-layer or pre-finished parquet and laminates. Not suitable for bonding beech (and) or exotic wood
(hard wood). Suitable for indoor use on highly absorbant subfloors of wood, chipboard and OSB Board (large particle size chipboard). For large and thin parquet only in combination with nails.
Directions for use
DS-10P should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation.
Apply the adhesive to the surface by means of a suitable notched SOUDAL trowel. Do not apply more to the surface that can be covered with
parquet within 30 minutes. Slide the parquet onto the adhesive layer and tap into place or tamp down with a rubber hammer.
A minimum of 80% contact coverage is required to ensure a proper adhesion. Loading the parquet with weights will improve the final bond strength. When bonding tapis onto a wooden subfloor the parquet
must also be nailed. Wait at least 48 hours before sanding and finishing
the parquet, with nailed tapis, wait at least 24 hours.
Uncured DS-10P may be removed from tools and parquet with water. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
- Never install to substrates, which are not protected against possible
rising damp.
- Do not apply the adhesive at temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C
- Minimum temperature of the substrate should be at least 15°C.
- Do not apply the adhesive when the relative humidity is above 75%.
- Never install onto a substrate which contains too much moisture or
onto substrates with a higher humidity value than recommended by
the wood supplier.
- Never install wood which is too dry (<7% humidity). This can expand
at higher humidity and cause damage.
- Do not install if the walls and ceilings of the area are not dry
(e.g. after plastering or painting etc.)
- Do not dilute the adhesive.