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Soudaflex 36 FL

PREMIUM QUALITY polyurethane flooring sealant. Very easy to apply. Stays elastic after curing. Very good adhesion on many materials. Excellent resistance to many chemicals. Developed especially for concrete flooring applications. No bubble formation within sealant as a result of high temperatures or humidity. Nonstaining on natural stone and concrete. Resistant to many fuels and other chemicals.
• Polyurethane flooring sealant
• Permanently flexible
• Conforms to DIN EN 14187-4
• Conforms to DIN EN 14187-5
• Conforms to DIN EN 14187-6
• Non-staining on natural stone and concrete
• Resistant to lubricants, oils, petrol and chemicals
Flooring expansion joints where high movement is expected. Sealing flooring joints where exposure to fuel and oil is expected e.g. garages. Resistant to splash and spillage contact from hydraulic fluids, lubricants, oils, petrol and many chemicals. Conforms to DIN EN 14187-4, DIN EN 14187-5 and DIN EN 14187-6.