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Parquet & timber Sealant

Parquet Seal is a high-quality, plasto-elastic onecomponent sealant based on polyacrylics.
- Solvent-, and silicon free
- Can be painted over after curing
- Can be varnished after curing
- Odourfree
- Filling of joints with movements up to 15%.
- Filling sealant for joints in parquet-, or laminate floors
- Connection joints between parquet floors, skirting board and walls
- Also suitable for cracks in wooden floors
Directions for use
Method: Handheld or pneumatic caulking gun.
Apply the sealant and smoothen with a filling-knife.
Apply a second layer of sealant in case of extreme shrinkage. Sandable after 24 hours.
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C.
Clean: Uncured Parquet Seal may be removed from parquet and tools with water. Cured sealant must be removed mechanically.
Repair: with Parquet Seal