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Mirobond is a high-quality neutral, elastical low modulus single component adhesive / sealant based on special silicone polymers.
- Very easy to apply
- Does not attack back coating of quality mirrors
- Stays fully elastic after curing
- Very good adhesion on many materials
- Almost no smell
- Bonding of mirrors onto most types of surfaces
- Bonding of mirrors onto uneven surfaces
- Sealing of joints in mirror walls
Directions for use
Method: caulking gun
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Clean: with white spirit immediately after use
Finish: Soudal Joint Finish or Soapy water before skin formation
Repair: with the same material

Application Instructions:
- Apply Mirobond with the enclosed triangular nozzles in vertical beads to the back of the mirror.
- Depending on the dimension and weight of the mirrors, beads should be placed at equal distances between 10 to 20cm from each other.
- Always apply a bead at each side edge of the mirror
- See also “Remarks and Recommendations”
- Due to the wide variety of types of mirrors, we strongly recommend preliminary compatibility tests.
- During the curing process the mirrors need to be supported until the adhesive has fully cured. The time required depends on the weight/size
of the mirror, the environmental situation (temperature, humidity) and the amount of product used.
- In order to avoid possible problems, the mirror manufacturers as well as Soudal recommend sufficient ventilation at the back of the mirror. As a guideline, an opening of 3-4mm should be left between the surface and the mirror. This can be assured by the use of double sided mirror tape.
- We also recommend this minimal ventilation opening of 3-4mm to ensure correct curing of the adhesive/sealant. Full surface bonding is on the risk of the applicator.
- When mirrors with large dimensions are bonded, it’s highly recommended to use Mirobond in combination with high quality double sided mirror tape.
- Mirrors that are fitted with a safety film at the back to avoid shattering must be pretreated with an adhesion promoter. SOUDAL SURFACE ACTIVATOR, when applied on this surface ensure the best bonding performance
of Mirobond on this type of safety film. Without the use of SOUDAL SURFACE ACTIVATOR the adhesive bond might be insufficient with the risk of an unsafe situation.