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Soudafill Light

Soudafill Light is an ultra lightweight ready to use filler for gaps and cracks in most porous building materials
- Easy to use and fast curing
- Smooth finish, no sanding required
- Sets hard on curing
- Does not sag or shrink
- Can be painted with alkyd- & water based paints
- Suitable on most porous surfaces
- Can be sanded after curing
- Repairing or filling of gaps and cracks in walls and ceilings (gypsum board, concrete, stone, etc…).
- Suitable for indoor repair works on mineral substrates like gypsum board, concrete, brickwork, stucco.
- Suitable for filling of non-movement joints and cracks in walls and ceilings.
- Shrink-proof finishing around decorative profiles.
Directions for use
Method: Surface must be clean and dry, free from dirt and grease. Very porous surfaces can be primed with a dilution of 2 parts Soudafill Light with 1 part of water. Apply the primer with a brush and leave to dry for 2-3 hours.
Apply layer of paint on nails or other materials before applying Soudafill Light to avoid discoloration due to rust.
Apply the filler with a caulking gun, trowel or filling knife ensuring a good solid fill.
Smooth the filler within 5 minutes.
In case of large gaps or cracks, apply in 2 layers with 1 hour curing time interval for first layer.
Depending on the applied amount Soudafill Light can be overpainted after 15 min to a couple of hours.
Application temperature: +5°C to +30°C, do not apply when rain or frost are imminent
Clean: Uncured Soudafill Light may be removed from tools with water. Cured Soudafill Light must be removed mechanically.
Repair: with Soudafill Light
In view of the wide variety of decorative materials, we recommend preliminary compatibility tests to ensure the performance of the product.
Do not use outdoor. Not suitable for expansion joints. Painting with heavily filled paints might lead the paint to peel off.