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Fix All: mission accomplished (helicopter movie)

Silicone Remover

Silicone Remover is a ready to use gel based on natural solvents which is used for removing polymerized silicone, MS Polymers (Fix All), Acrylic Sealants (Acryrub) and Polybutene Sealants (Butyrub).
− quick action
− does not drip
− pleasant citric smell
− removal of old sealants from different substrates
− Removal and cleaning of old joints before resealing
− removal of sealant stains
Directions for use
Remove as much of the sealant as possible with a cutter.
Apply a layer of silicone remover with the brush or spray it on (aerosol).
Leave to penetrate for 10-15 minutes.
Remove sealant stains with a scraper and dry towel.
Check if no sealant rests remain. If necessary, repeat application.
Remove residues with warm water and detergent.
A new sealant layer can be applied after the substrate has dried completely.