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EPR-31P Epoxy Sealer

Epoxy sealer EPR-31P is a 2 component epoxy based sealer.
- Suppresses residual construction moisture and rising damp
- Solvent-free and free of water
- EC-1R label: very low emissions
- Very easy to apply
- For critical subfloors
- Waterproof and chemical resistant
- High bending-, shear-, compression- and tensile strength
- Improves the adhesion strength
- Suitable for underfloor heating
- For indoor and outdoor use
Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P is a solvent, and waterfree two-component epoxy based sealer. EPR-31P suppresses rising damp and residual construction
moisture (max. 7% for concrete subfloors and max. 5% for Anhydrite subfloors). Extremely suitable for preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors such as cement bounded subfloors, concrete, calcium-sulphate bounded (anhydrite)- and levelled subfloors. Also suitable on wooden subfloors, particle size- and
chipboard, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and metal.

Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P is also suitable for preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors in conjunction with Soudal VE-50.
Directions for use
Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Punch repeatedly through the plastic plug and base of the
upper container which contains component B e.g. with a long screwdriver. Allow the B component to drain fully into Component A and mix the
components for at least 2 minutes. Use a variable speed electric drill with a mixing paddle attachment. Ensure thorough mixing including the walls and
floor of the container to achieve a homogeneous mixture.

Always mix one package at the time (A-component + B-component). Never deviate from the prescribed mixing ratio between A- and B-component.

Every deviation of this mixture ratio will affect the curing of the sealer and the final mechanical properties.
Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P must be applied within 30 minutes after mixing.

Apply the primer, undiluted from a bucket, to the subfloor by means of a paint roller or a brush. Do not pour the primer onto the subfloor to prevent
In case of very porous and highly absorbing subfloors with rising dampness a second layer of sealer is recommended. Apply the second layer of sealer crosswise after the first layer has dried completely. Throw in quartz sand immediately after applying the second layer (approx. 2k/m², granule size 0,3 – 0,7 mm). Allow the epoxy sealer to dry completely prior to further activities to the subfloor.
Not allowing for proper drying adversely affects the final result. Crater formation (in conjunction with Soudal Screed) and/or reduced adhesion might be the consequence.

Uncured Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P may be removed from tools with SOUDAL Adhesive cleaner. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
- Do not apply the sealer at temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C.
- Minimum temperature of the subfloor should be at least 15°C.
- Apply the sealer within 30 minutes after mixing both components. Do
not apply sealer once viscosity has started increasing in container