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Rust converter

Rust Convertor is a ready-to-use product based on tannic acid which converts rust into a chemically neutral layer.
- Converts rust into a chemically neutral black layer which does not rust.
- Creates a protective layer on metals.
- Can be painted with all types of paint 4 hours after application.
- Exellent priming layer before painting.
- Long life span.
- Treatment of rusty surfaces.
- Converting of rust on cars, trucks, boats, gardening tools, bycicles, etc
Directions for use
Application Method :
- Shake bottle thoroughly and pour the required quantity into a plastic pot.
- Apply 1 layer with the brush included with the bottle.
- Do not pour back unused product into the bottle.
- Clean brush thoroughly with water before inserting into bottle again.
Application Temperature :+5°C until +25°
Clean with : Water