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Metal Plastic Alu

METAL PLASTIC ALU is a two component polyester putty
based on unsaturated polyester resins.
- very easy to apply
- 2-components
- fast drying
- reinforced with aluminium pigments for increased structural strength
- can be sanded both dry and wet
- permanent bond
- flexible
- filling of tears, bumps and cracks in metal and polyester carbodies
- repair product for damage on metal constructions
Directions for use
Application Method :
- Mix on a small tray the amount to be used with 2-3% Hardener until the
mass is homogenous.
- Do not mix more than can be applied within 5 minutes
- Apply a thin layer of Metal Plastic Alu with a spatula, if necessary in
several layers until the mass slightly exceeds the substrate.
- Can be finished after hardening (sanding, varnishing, applying of a
finishing layer)
Application Temperature :+10°C until +25°C
Clean with : acetone
Repair with : Metal Plastic Alu