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Car Sealer Gun

CAR SEALER GUN is a ready to use sprayable seam sealer based on synthetic polymers. The product is applied with a special airpressured gun. The cured product is very similar to the original seal.
- Fastdrying, paintable
- Does not contain silicones or isocyanates
- Does not drip, can be applied both horizontally and vertically
- Recreates original structure
- Withstands water and mineral oils
- Excellent adhesion to raw, primed and sheet metal
- Can be applied in profiled beads and in wide layers
- Remains permanently elastic
Sealing of spot welding seams on spoilers, bottoms of truck compartments, side walls, wheelboxes, areas with difficult accessability. Can be applied in the automotive industry, metal industry, carbody repair shops, shipbuilding, ventilation channels, etc.
Directions for use
Application Method : Special Pneumatic Sealant Gun
Application Temperature : +1°C until +30°C
Clean with : White Spirit immediately after application
Repair with : Car Sealer Gun