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30 Minute D4 PU Wood Adhesive Gel

POLYURETHANE gun applied, thixotropic construction adhesive. Professional
quality. Transparent. Fast curing. Gap filling characteristics, suitable for uneven surfaces. Waterproof. Conforms to DIN EN 204 grade D4.
Solvent free. 15-30 minute open time.
• Gun applied thixotropic PU adhesive
• Conforms to DIN EN 204 grade D4
• Foaming action to fill gaps
• Transparent
• 15 - 30 minute open time
• Pressing time - 3 hours
Manufacturing of door and window frames that need to meet class D4 according to EN 204. Bonding of wooden construction elements. Bonding of insulation materials (including polystyrene). Can also be use on various porous and non-porous substrates such as concrete, bricks and other common materials in the building industry. General joinery of wooden