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Plasterboard Adhesive

Genius Gun Plasterboard Adhesive is a fast curing polyurethane
adhesive which replaces traditional mortar based adhesives.
Perfect for bonding plasterboard to walls. Ready to use without
mixing which saves time, effort and money. A specially designed
patented trigger mechanism ensures precise dosage. It is very easy
to use. It can be operated with one hand and can be stored for up
to six weeks between applications.
• No mixing
• Fast curing
• Re-usable
• One-handed operation
For the bonding of plasterboard onto walls, but can also be used on dry lining, rockwool, insulation board, bricks, concrete, plaster, wood, metal, aluminium, stone, ceramics, MDF, polystyrene, steel, lead, zinc, polyurethane, laminate, cork and chipboard.