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The Soudal Group is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and PU foams. The company, established in 1966 by its chairman, Mr. Vic Swerts, proudly remains family owned and independent from large multinational corporations.
Soudal is a strong brand all over the world. It serves professionals in construction, retail channels and industrial assembly and has over 50 years of experience with end-users in over 130 countries worldwide. With 19 manufacturing sites on 5 continents and 64 subsidiaries worldwide, Soudal ensures optimal technical and logistical support.
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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: 08:27 01/04/2020

Most of our staff are now on furlough until after Easter (14th of April included). 

A core administrative team of 5 are currently operating from home.

Two warehouse team members are operating, unloading deliveries from our factories and suppliers, arranging collections and picking the most urgent orders.

Collections can be arranged from Monday 30/03 by prior email to salesuk@soudal.com and to warehouseuk@soudal.com .                     

If you feel your order is critical, please contact us on salesuk@soudal.com to advise that you can accept deliveries and to prioritise your order.

Where possible, please work with pallet quantities per product.

Our normal phone 01827 261 092 is suspended but if necessary you can call 07495 008 550.  We would prefer emails though.

You can also contact:

  • Antoon Van den Broeck – MD
Mobile: 07980 747 791   Email: VandenBroeck.A@Soudal.com

Our current plan is to reopen with two full picking teams on 15th, 16th and 17th of April. 

Please let us know on the 14th April whether you are ready to accept deliveries by email to salesuk@soudal.com and warehouseuk@soudal.com .

Stay safe and indoors. 


Fix ALL Ford Ranger Wildtrak Promotion

Soudal UK announces the launch of it's biggest ever end-user promotion. When purchasing a Fix ALL Crystal or High Tack promotional 6-pack the end-user will be in with a chance to WIN a brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrak!

40,000 scratchcards with a unique code have been produced and inserted into 20,000 6-pack boxes of Fix ALL Crystal and 20,000 6-pack boxes of Fix ALL High Tack white. The code from each scratchcard can then be entered via the promotion page on the Soudal website (www.soudal.eu/fordrangerpromotion). Each entry will be entered into a prize draw to win the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The prize draw will take place on 31st March 2020, with the lucky winner being announced in April 2020. The prize will be awarded to the winner at the location of the winning purchase.

The promotion will be supported by a national radio campaign, running throughout October, November and December on TalkSPORT. The radio advert will be heard over 19 million times over the course of the campaign, targeting end-users all across the UK. Additionally, all stockists will have a marketing support package available to help raise the profile of the promotion in branch and assist with the sell through of the promotional 6-packs.

The 6-packs are already on the shelves at merchants all across the UK & Ireland and are selling through fast. There is limited availability and when they are gone they are gone, so make sure you don't miss out!

Ford Ranger


Soudal PTY Ltd Australia becomes Soudal affiliate N° 65

Four years after Soudal took a majority share in her exclusive Australian distributor Soudis, the company has now acquired the full ownership of her local partner.

On March 1st 2014, Soudal acquired a majority share of 60% in Soudis, her exclusive local distributor in Australia. In order to strengthen the integration of the company in the global Soudal structure, the name was changed to Soudal PTY Ltd. Four years on, the Sydney based affiliate is now fully acquired. Soudal PTY Ltd. currently realizes a turnover of $ 30 million, with a workforce of 32. 

Read more in the press release

Acquisition Soudal Australia


Soudal realizes two foreign acquisitions in one week

Soudal is pleased to announce the acquisition of two exclusive foreign distributors. In New Zealand, local partner Holdfast NZ Ltd. was acquired. in Finland Joints Oy. will become the local Soudal branch. It is symbolic of the global expansion policy of Soudal that the two locations are almost perfectly each other's geographical antipodes.

Both Holdfast NZ Ltd. in New Zealand and Finland’s Joints Oy have been exclusive Soudal distributors in their country for several decades. Holdfast New Zealand Ltd, a leading wholesaler of sealants, adhesives and Polyurethane Foams for construction, industry and retail markets is a family business with a turnover of approximately 13 million € in 2018 and employs 44 people. The Finnish Joints Oy will conclude 2018 with a turnover of approximately 6 million € and has 12 employees.

Read more in the press release.

Holdfast New Zealand acquisition Soudal Joints Oy Finland acquisition Soudal


Soudal UK on TALK SPORT!

To support their biggest ever Fix ALL triple pack promotion Soudal UK are doing their first ever national radio campaign on the world’s biggest sports radio station, TalkSport! Running throughout September, October and November the 12 week campaign will be heard over 14 million times!

Now in its 4th year the Fix ALL triple pack campaign will be bigger than ever and with that comes extra support from TalkSport. The national coverage that TalkSport offer allows Soudal to gain brand awareness for the Fix ALL brand but also help the sell through of triple packs. All good stockists will have the opportunity to stock Fix ALL Crystal, High Tack and Turbo, which will then be supported by Soudal through national radio, monthly advertisements in Pro-Installer Magazine and social media channels to help the sell through. The Fix ALL range was developed as a range of products to Fix ALL problems and now ‘Fix ALL fixes ALL’.

The triple packs are now on pre-sale but once they are gone they are gone! These packs usually sell out before arrival so make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest ever year for Fix ALL.


Soudal acquires adhesives producer Mitol

Soudal is proud to announce the acquisition of Slovenia based adhesive manufacturer Mitol. The company has a turnover of 17 million euro and a product portfolio of more than 500 high-quality technical adhesives, further strengthening Soudal’s position on the industrial adhesives market.
Soudal Mitol

Mitol was founded in 1947 in the Slovenian town of Sežana, originally as a dairy company. In 1954 the first glue was developed. In the next decades Mitol expanded to the production of synthetic adhesives. The company gained a strong position in the Balkan countries, after which new export markets were explored.

Currently, Mitol realizes 60% of its turnover in export to more than 30 countries and employs 81 people. Mitol’s product portfolio consists of dispersions, hot melt and PVA/PU based adhesives. These products are mainly destined for the professional woodworking, paper and packaging industry as well as to the bonding of floor covering.

Soudal’s long-term vision for Mitol is to become an Eastern-European center of excellence for adhesives and dispersions.

Read more in the press release.

Soudal Mitol Soudal Mitol

Soudal UK New Address


As a result of several years of impressive sales growth in the UK, Soudal (UK) Ltd have now re-located to new premises in the UK.

The new premises are significantly larger than the previous home for Soudal and represent an important investment and commitment into the UK market. The new warehouse space will ensure that service levels will continue to improve. As a result of the additional space the UK product range can also be developed much further. This will allow further strengthening within core UK markets and also open up new and exciting possibilities in other segments of the market.

Other investments as part of the move include a new and faster IT infrastructure, improved telecommunications system, new warehouse racking and all new warehouse vehicles.

The larger offices include an improved product Showroom, more meeting rooms and a more efficient and comfortable working environment for the sales, marketing and operations teams.

The new address:

Soudal House,

Unit 1,

Centurion Way,

Centurion Park,

Tamworth. B77 5PN.


Soudal Annual Report now available

Click here to view our latest online annual report.
Here we discuss the main global developments, as well as events and figures for 2018.

Soudal acquires South-Korean sealant producer Dong Yang

Dong Yang acquisition Soudal

Soudal acquires the South-Korean sealant producer Dong Yang Silicone Co. Ltd. The company has a turnover of 30 million euro and a product portfolio similar to that of Soudal. This acquisition is a further step in the geographical expansion of Soudal and strengthens its position in the Asian markets.

Dong Yang Silicone was established in 2003 and develops and manufactures silicone sealants, MS sealants and acrylic sealants. The company employs 52 people and focuses on the construction sector, industrial markets and the glazing industry. In these sectors, Dong Yang has achieved a leading position in its Korean home market.

Dong Yang‘s current management will stay in charge and the entire company staff will remain in place. For the coming years there are plans to expand both production capacity and employment.

Read more in the press release.

Dony Yang acquisition Soudal


Soudal Acquires Swedish Proflex AB


SOUDAL, the Belgian manufacturer of sealants, foams and adhesives confirms its strategic vision by expanding into the Scandinavion region. As of February 10th 2016, Soudal acquires full majority in Proflex Trading AB, its former importer. Proflex becomes the 54th Soudal branch worldwide. Proflex has been Soudal’s exclusive importer in Sweden for many decades and has already established a solid reputation as a reliable partner for distributors in the professional construction market. In addition to the distribution of Soudal products,

Proflex is strong in construction products for the windows market, complementary to Soudal’s Window System. In order to be fully integrated in the worldwide structure of the Soudal group, the name Proflex will evolve into Soudal Proflex AB. The takeover of the Proflex business includes all employees and assets and its current manager Mr. Håkan Blommé, will become the countrymanager of Soudal in Sweden.